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Total Broker Package

What do you need to prepare when starting a broker business?

  • Transaction Platform ・・・ Search for a transaction platform, and make a contract with the platform's system vendor
  • Transaction Software ・・・ Search for transaction software, learn how to use it, and make a contract with the vendor
  • Securing a Liquidity Provider ・・・ Search for a liquidity provider and make a contract
  • Customer Support and Back Office Operations ・・・ Building a customer service team, with FAQ know-how and customer support experience
  • Construct a Legal Framework ・・・ Investigate the current regulations and apply to the government for relevant licenses.
  • Policies for AML, KYC and Compliance ・・・ Employ someone with knowledge and experience of AML and KYC.
  • Live rate feed ・・・ Search for a vendor and make a contract
  • Payment solution ・・・ Select deposit and withdrawal method for customers and make a contract. Open a bank account.
  • Website ・・・ Prepare the website for start of operations

At ILEX TECH we combine a proprietary system, feed provision, and means of deposit. While it is usually the case that you need to get the system from Company A, the feed from Company B and the means of deposit from company C, we bring you a total package that covers all services above and usually cannot be found among our competitors.
We are able to provide not just the system but the payment solutions and legal frameworks as well for an all-in-one service.
 We assign account managers to each client who is able to provide multilingual support (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean). We provide smooth and superior support, and the service quality can be guaranteed.

ILEX TECH Operations Correlation Diagram

This diagram provides a simple overview of all operations of ILEX TECH and the operations that ILEX TECH provides to brokers. The group outlined in green shows the operations that ILEX TECH provides to brokers.

Liquidity Providers