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TFT system Product introduction


TFTrader is a new generation FOREX system that was developed by ILEX TECH
and Lagarto Technology International jointly.
Brokerage businesses can start up with the lowest risk possible.
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Package name TFT Defualt Plan
System TFT
Business model STP
Type OG
Spread Please contact
Initial Fee
Running Fee
Maximum lot size 50,000 lot *1
Minimum lot size 1 lot *1
Leverage 1000 times
user Unlimited
group Be fee Up to 10

*1 1lot = 100,000 currency


Package name TFT Entry PLAN
System TFT
Additional Group Add O
i-Account integration
(instant payment settlement function)
TFT Bridge O
Introductory support service of the TFT Bridge O
Mobile APP O
Feature This plan keeps initial costs as well as operating costs to a bare minimum, making it possible to operate an effective brokerage at low business risk.

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A collaborative effort between our FOREX veterans with years of accumulated experience, and the superb staff of Lagarto Technology International, has resulted in the successful development of the unique TFTrader FOREX system. Since the system is self-created and developed, it is possible to keep costs low, and offer tighter speads than other companies at the same time.
Developed by project members with an abundance of industry knowledge, it is equipped with a wide range of useful features, and numerous capabilities that can be used free of charge. Be sure to take advantage of its flexibly in handling specification changes, enabling each customer to create a system of their own.

MT4, in use worldwide, is available in addition to TFTrader, and the systems can be sold as a complete set. Partnerships with more than 10 liquidity providers make it possible to provide a more stable and fair feed than anywhere else.

Liquidity Providers