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TFTrader Introduction of the new functions

★The new functions have been added

  • Gold was added to the tradable currency pairs

    In addition to the current currency pairs in TFTrader, now you can trade currency pairs that include gold.
    You can add the service for free without any commission to add another currency pair.
    Please experience TFT that offers a wider range of services.

  • Trade without any difficulty though you are away from home

    TFTrader APP(ios&Android)

    We released TFT Mobile APPs recently .
    No matter where you are ,it makes you very easy to place orders .
    In addition to the basic functions such as to check the rate chart, to place order, and to settle the payment,
    we have also added functions such as to place pending order and check transaction history etc .It is convenient for traders to view all positions when they are outside.
    Please try it and start trading now!

  • Immediate payment is possible

    We realized the quick payment by the cooperation of TFTrader and i-Account. With this system, traders with I-Account are able to pay immediately anytime 24 hours a day when FX market is in operation.
    The difference from the case of placing order of payment and then having it reflected in the FX account: You can trade more quickly because the payment is reflected in the FX account of TFTrader at the same time as TFTrader completes the payment procedure.
    Complicated payment finishes in five minutes.
    *The amount of payment is from $10 up to $10000.

  • New inquiry form

    Traders can send their inquiry without any other tool. You can send your inquiry from your TFTrader to the broker in a short time.
    Plus, you can send the screenshot of the platform displayed.
    We set a security policy. We will immediately investigate the screenshot you send and act according to our security policy.

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