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We have a rich experience in the different proffesions of trader, IB, white label and broker as we have been in the market for almost 10 years. During those 10 years, we kept learning from the minor and major failures that we experienced, and thanks to the help and support from our collaborators, we are capable of providing our services at high quality.
We offer brokers BTOB products for starting a FOREX business that are unrivaled by any other competitor.
To help our clients to avoid the same mistakes that we did before, seeking a short-cut for reaching success, and assisting to get started without spending unnecessary time or money, we listed the failures that we experienced in the past as follows: 

Negative Examples

① Starting business with a company that only offers inexpensive initial or monthly fees

  • → The cost tends to be added by the afterward additional charges, such as various commissions, additional charges for additional service etc.

  • → The time for setting up tends to be beyond control and prediction, the situation turns to be worse if any delay occurs in response and mis-operations happens, and opportunities slip away unconsciously.

  • → The fee for contract termination is usually expensive.

② People who offer low spreads

  • → Because the existence of feeds operation and slippage, it causes a superficial low spread occurs only.

③ Sellers who offer FX as a single unit (not all are offered as a set)

  • → Tie-in fee is charged, and time is consuming

ILEX TECH is capable of solving all the problems that led to the failures above, because:

  • ① 10-year experience in the FOREX industry.
  • ② Fair feeds are offered by the support from 30 financial institutions serving as liquidity providers.
  • ③ Strong partnership with professional companies like CFH, Integral, and Lagarto Technology International(hereafter LGI).
  • ④ Joint financing with SpotOption, participated as a main sponsor for the Guangzhou Expo, participated with LGI at the Forex Magnates Tokyo Summit and won awards.
  • ⑤ This Forex system was created and self-developed by us, with the cooperation of LGI, it allows us to cut off all unnecessary cost and provide our clients with lower spreads.
    As our company is well-experienced and professional, we can provide almost all of our enhanced options for free, and can offer a new generation Forex system for creating new and original methods of development by brokers.
  • ⑥ And of course, we offer all sets including major platforms like MT4, and thanks to the cooperation of our liquidity providers, compared to our competitors we can get you started at a low cost right away.
  • ⑦ An exclusive system is provided for your operation of deposit and withdrawal.
  • ⑧ We can also provide the service for Forex licenses Application.

Liquidity Providers