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Prouct & Service

ILEX TECH makes it possible to offer diverse lineups of FOREX-related product types, providing solutions tailored to corporate needs.

Customized plan for every broker

We have plans especially designed to meet the needs of the broker.

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Liquidity Service

Through partnerships with some of the world's largest top-rated banks, we are able to provide competitive prices.

  • Thרough support from the world's leading liquidity providers we ensure superior liquidity.
    Note: We work with more than 30 major institutions as (interbank) correspondent banks, including JP Morgan, UBS, etc.
  • Our implementation and running costs are efficiency at its finest, with overwhelming implementation cost advantages.
  • A bridge system links the system you have with the hedge account.
  • While dealing can naturally be handled manually, settlements of orders from automated customers can also be sent to the hedge account automatically.
  • Dealing desk operations can be outsourced.
  • Low implementation costs amd overwhelming performance. We provide an all-in-one suite of functions necessary for white-label brokerage operations.

Brokers have many obstacles to get over on the way to achieve abundant liquidity. The requirements include capital resources for contracts, corporate confidence and trust, as well as bargaining strengths. For the newly established broker, these are high hurdles to overcome.
We have methods that can take you to the optimum liquidity to support your business.

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Liquidity Providers