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MT4 system Product introduction


With ILEXTECH, you can start your broker business at a very low price.
  We offer MT4, which has the largest market share in the world,
for initial costs starting $1,500, monthly fees starting $1,500, and spread starting 0.6!
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System MT4
Business model STP DD
Type DF OG
Spread 0.6~ *1 Settings can be customized
Initial Fee $1500~ *1
Running Fee $1500~ *1
Trading Fee setup × O
Processing Fee setup × O
Trading Fee (Cover place) × O
DD Outsourcing × O
Maximum lot size 500 lot
Miniimum lot size 0.01 lot
Leverage 1000 times
User Unlimited
Group Be fee Up to 10 Be fee Up to 20

*1 Fluctuates based on optional content
*2 1lot = 100,000 currency


System MT4
MAM setup O
Add gold (XAUUSD) O
Add silver(XAGUSD) O
Mobile O
Group membership O
OG upgrade O
MT4 IB Management system O
Feature This is a standard plan for MT4. Using the well-established MT4, you can expect to generate stable revenue. For brokers who are looking for a higher return, this plan that involves the Dealing Desk set-up is also available.

For details, contact

*3 "MT4 ADD-ON" is a system that enables copy trading between accounts on the forex trading platform, MetaTrader 4 (a.k.a. MT4).
Copy trading involves sending signals from traders or automatic trading systems with high success rate to the account of the receiver who wants to benefit from copying. The process of transaction's for entry to its settlement will then be carried out directly and automatically.
This is a service that allows beginners to start trading easily and casually.
Using its own copy trading system, MT4 ADD-ON makes it possible to register the MT4 account from which the sginals are sent.
To check the account balance or the sender's trading performance, the signal's receiver can access the copy trading system instead of logging on his or her MT4 account. (The copy trading system can be accessed from smartphones and tablets).
It can also easily start or stop copying a preferred trade that has been received in the system.
Feel free to contact us about further details.

As part of a set package, we are selling the MT4, which is used around the world.
In terms of sources of liquidity, we have partnerships with more than ten banks, so we are able to offer data feeds that are more stable and fair than anywhere else.

Liquidity Providers