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Liquidity Product introduction

Liquidity We offer low spread starting from 0.2. We are able to offer low spread compared to other companies because we employ a system which automatically picks the best rate from ten or more banks. We provide customers an ideal environment where liquidity is transparent.  
We offer services as a TotalPackage, but we are also confident about our very competitive pricing and service quality even if you just take our liquidity services. Please experience what we offer in "Demo environment" or "Real environment".
A-BOOK Stable revenue can be expected with A-BOOK. Please see below for its features.

・ Orders are automatically directed to the source of liquidity. The possibility of requote or slippage occurring at time of order is less than 1%.
・ Feed rates are generally stable, allowing users to trade fairly.
・ The spread fluctuates but is made to be generally stable.
・ We are able to provide lower spread than other companies.
・ We have contracts with major liquidity providers, which allows us to practice segregated management of assets. This provides peace of mind to customers.
B-BOOK Dealing can be done manually with B-BOOK. If an experienced dealer is present, this is a great system.
Here are the features of B-BOOK.

・ Risks can be managed by running DealingDesk.
・ Adequate risk management opens up the possibility for high revenue.
DD Outsourcing plan If there is a dealer which isn't experienced with the liquidity in B-BOOK or if you wish to outsource a proffesional dealer to hedge some of the risk, an experienced dealer from an expert risk management company will address your dealing needs upon outsourcing 24.
Running DealingDesk at your company will cost a lot to cover set-up and personnel with expert knowledge.
There are no initial costs or fixed monthly fees for commission. Payment will be requested based on accomplishment.
Please contact us for details.
FIX API By connecting with your company with FIX API, we can provide you with the best rate from the prices offered by multiple banks.
MT4 Bridge By connecting your company's platform (MT4) with A-BOOK, it will be possible to automatically direct orders to the source of liquidity.

Liquidity Providers