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What time can I place orders?
Trading opens at 23:00 Sunday (UTC) and closes at 23:00 Friday.
Is hedge trading available or not?
Yes, hedge trading is available.
What is the initiation time for currency swapping?
The initiation time for currency swapping is UTC 23:00.
Whether additional deposit is required for a margin?
Usually the orders will be automatically cleared when close positions compulsorily , so there is no need to meet margin calls.
If there is a margin (account balance is negative) also do not need to deposit, please send your account and login ID to tell our customer service.
What is the highest leverage?
Maximum value can be set as 1000 times.
What currencies do you accept for funds deposits?
Are spreads variable or not?
Yes, spreads are variable. The average value is regarded as base spread. Rates tend to fluctuate widely before and after index data release since of the lower liquidity. Oppositely, a higher liquidity during the trading time of New York and London causes a slight rate fluctuation.
Is a mobile version available for clients?
Both MT4 and TFTrader have mobile versions for allowing users making trades by their smartphone.
What are the minimum and maximum trade amounts?
The minimum trade unit is a unit of 1000 currency.
Is it possible to customize the trading platform?
It is possible to customize for TFTrader. Please consult with us if it is necessary (Additional charge occurs for customizing.)

TF Trader

TF Trader is designed for satisfying the various demands from brokers, WLs, IBs and traders.With the concerns for its practicability in the sales market and the area of AfterFollow, our experts contribute to explore the possibilities of developing TF into one of the best trading platform that offers high flexibility and advanced technology.

Meta Trader 4

MT4 is a professional online trading platform that provides financial institutions with Forex, precious metal and futures trades.It also provides brokers with integrated online services such as back office supports. Until now, over 100 brokers and banks have been using this platform.


At ILEX TECH, we provide a Money Platform for ForexSystem developers.

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