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Company Profile

Please take a look at the advantages of our service which is the highest in the industry, including our competitiveness in tight spreads, transaction fees and monthly costs. All these can be achieved because of our system development, liquidity partners, and strong partnership arising from a good relationship with vendors and group members that include payment companies.
In addition, our SEs who are knowledgeable in the operations of trader, IB and white label turns to a super team for your business supporting.

★Our Target clients

We tends to provide service to brokers and white labels who just made their debut and started business, and the existing brokers who are looking for better system and liquidity.

★Our team

Out team members are the ones who have got 10-year experience for being a trader, IB, white label, broker, or dealer in FX industry. They tend to be traders currently, meanwhile, possess rich skills for being our super SE, most of them were used to be a lawyer, a bank staff, or used to work in a E-wallet, securities and asset management company.

Company Profile

  • Company nameILEX TECH LIMITED
  • Corporate Registration No.1980749
  • Registered AddressRoom 1602, 16/F, Multifield Commercial Centre, 422-426 Shanghai Street, Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Date of Establishment16 October 2013
  • Official

TF Trader

TF Trader is designed for satisfying the various demands from brokers, WLs, IBs and traders.With the concerns for its practicability in the sales market and the area of AfterFollow, our experts contribute to explore the possibilities of developing TF into one of the best trading platform that offers high flexibility and advanced technology.

Meta Trader 4

MT4 is a professional online trading platform that provides financial institutions with Forex, precious metal and futures trades.It also provides brokers with integrated online services such as back office supports. Until now, over 100 brokers and banks have been using this platform.


At ILEX TECH, we provide a Money Platform for ForexSystem developers.

For more details please click Money platform

Liquidity Providers