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News Release

  • We released TFT trading APP, with which you can use the FX trading platform
    anytime anywhere. (2016/10/19)
  • We released our original third-party tool "MT4 Add-On Copy Trade System".
    It realizes to have a copyright function on MetaTrader 4.
    Ask us for more details.(2015/05/01)

    We released our original third-party tool "MT4 Add-On Sigma (MT4 Calculation System)".
    This add-on enables MetaTrader to add IB Management and IB Payment Calculation functions.
    Ask us for more details.(2015/05/01)

    We are now available for i-Payments services.
    i-Payments is one of the payment methods which can deposit directly into TFTrader by credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard without delay.(2015/05/14)
  • TFTrader’s Swap is updated.(2015/01/16)

    ZigZag has been added to TFTrader indicator.
    ・・・Zigzag is an indicator that used for predicting the trend's turning point.

Advantages for choosing ILEX TECH as your Forex Service provider

We have been in the Forex field for more then 10 years, all the while accumulating experience by making debuts as traders, after which we became an introducing broker and a White Label broker. This comprehensive experience at different levels allows us to fully understand your business’s concerns and thoughts.

We are different from the consultants who dare to provide END to END service without any practical experience of being traders, introducing brokers or White Labels. The absence of relevant experience leads to insufficient understanding of what their clients truly want or need.

In addition, there’s a true concern that many system consultants that seem good at sales talk, but once the work gets started hardly get any improvement in their system construction and have a poor sense for default settings in real practice.

Therefore, the ones that are willing to go through a probation period and provide a refund system with security concerns are highly recommended for you to start your business with.

Do not be cheated by the demo and live account!One fact needs to be highlighted is that demo accounts tend to be used by traders who do not apply the same feed as the ones in live accounts, this is the reason why the outcome from demo account is not the same to the one from its corresponding live one.

Since we have high confidence in the standards of the products we provide, our clients are guaranteed a probation period to gain a true experience of the product. A refund will be provided in the case they will not find our products satisfactory. Yet in our experience you will not regret enlisting our services.

We offer full support for your broker business and contribute to keep your back office operation running smoothly, which will allow you to put more focus on your sales promotion and the improvement of services for your clients (traders).

Solution from ILEX TECH
■ Trader's alternatives are enriched by customized platforms and make you stand out from other brokers
■ Well-developed related services for trading platform are available
■ Stable and competitive liquidity makes trading technology well-performed with100% function rate

Have a look on what sources we have to provide best services.

Since our liquidity is supported by more than 30 banks around the world, including liquidity providers and prime brokers, we have a unique method for making order.
Try our service!

Regarding the trading platforms that we provide to our clients, MT4 is enjoys high popularity on a world wide scale, TFTrader was created and developed with the purpose of bringing maximum benefits to brokers and stakeholders. You can make your first taste by starting a broker business at a cost lower than any other company, and various plans are available to cater to your different choices.

What's more, we have a rich knowledge in both systems and in business management with over 15 years in finance.

It is believed that it will be an extraordinary attraction for the ones who just started a broker business, since a lot of hurdles can be predicted in this field even a platform and liquidity flow are fully completed, the cost for time and money will never be under-estimated.

In this business world, we have to say not all of the consultants who talk about END to END services dare to be so frank and honest as we do. Being a broker is a financial business with a huge responsibility, the obligations are extensive, including regulations, compliance, AML, KYC, prevention of fraud and illegal dealings, information security, risk management, license or legal framework and handling of personal information, it will never be an easy job for any company or individual who have a high responsibility sense.

TF Trader

TF Trader is designed for satisfying the various demands from brokers, WLs, IBs and traders.With the concerns for its practicability in the sales market and the area of AfterFollow, our experts contribute to explore the possibilities of developing TF into one of the best trading platform that offers high flexibility and advanced technology.

Meta Trader 4

MT4 is a professional online trading platform that provides financial institutions with Forex, precious metal and futures trades.It also provides brokers with integrated online services such as back office supports. Until now, over 100 brokers and banks have been using this platform.

Swap (Last updated 2017/12/01)
Symbol Buy Sell
AUDCAD 0.230 -0.480
AUDCHF 0.480 -0.650
AUDJPY 0.304 -0.958
AUDNZD 0.003 -0.033
AUDUSD 0.250 -0.450
CADCHF 0.130 -0.410
CADJPY 0.060 -0.190
CHFJPY 0.040 -0.186
EURAUD -0.680 0.560
EURCAD -0.230 0.140
EURCHF 0.024 -0.153
EURGBP -0.620 0.067
EURJPY -0.161 0.098
EURNZD -0.700 0.510
EURUSD -0.380 0.210
GBPAUD -0.734 0.545
GBPCAD 0.030 -0.195
GBPCHF 0.308 -0.541
GBPJPY 0.100 -0.680
GBPNZD -1.010 0.760
GBPUSD -0.570 0.030
NZDCAD 0.330 -0.590
NZDCHF 0.560 -0.820
NZDJPY 0.280 -0.990
NZDUSD 0.370 -0.630
TRYJPY 1.002 -1.670
USDCAD 0.023 -0.460
USDCHF 0.110 -0.460
USDJPY 0.110 -0.280
USDTRY -3.474 1.900
XAUUSD 0.000 -0.070
EURZAR -2.550 1.870
GBPZAR -2.510 1.730
USDZAR -2.220 1.350
ZARJPY 0.150 -0.240
※This is a value for 10000 units of currency on TFTrader.
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currency pairs >>


At ILEX TECH, we provide a Money Platform for ForexSystem developers.

For more details please click Money platform

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